Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sports Fest News and Updates

July 26, 2011

Third Game


The CitiAire Lions might want to go back into the second quarter as they review how they lost a tight one as Apec Cardinals squeezed a win against them 46-44 Saturday night..

Macaraeg (6) led the Apec with team best 14 points, 7 boards and Teves (16) helped out with 10 points grabbing 3 rebounds as they capitalized the second quarter with 13-7 advantage.

The second quarter also proved to be the downside for the CitiAire Lions as Calaud (34), the only player to score in the quarter contributing 7 of his 11 points. Reposo (0) was the main gunner for the CitiAire with 15 points, 2 rebounds and 2 steals.

Proving that this was a close match when in terms of team stats, CitiAire collected 26 rebounds compared to 21 for Apec. Three of CitiAire's players pulled 5 rebounds apiece; Pelayo (17), Limboy (32) and Gestat (4). In assists, the Cardinals edged Lions with a slim margin 3 to 2, as well as in steals 11 to 9. In the blocks department, CitiAire were able to mark 4 rejections compared to none for the Apec squad.


APEC Cardinals - 46: Macaraeg (6) – 14 pts, Teves (16) 10 pts, Rabina (34) – 7 pts, Sienes (21) – 6 pts, Booth (11) – 5 pts, Anticuando (13) – 4 pts.

CITIAIRE Lions - 44: Reposo (0) – 15 pts, Caluad (34) – 11 pts, Limboy (32) – 6 pts, Tabas (10) – 4 pts, Lacson (02) – 2 pts, Pelayo (17) – 1 pt.

Quarter Scores: 10-10, 13-7, 11-10, 12-17.

Sports Fest News and Updates

July 26, 2011

Second Game


This one was over before many fans had even settled into their seats. Like a seasoned "wolf hunter", the DMCI Means took no prisoner when they beat FIGUEROA Wolves, 84 - 30.

The DMCI Means had proven their capability in the second quarter on Saturday night, expanding a 13-point lead to 33 and helping the “Means” coast to an 84-30 victory over Figueroa “Wolves” for their most lopsided win of the tournament. Almost all of the starters scored at least 8 points while their bench provided the additional lift.

The DMCI “Means” looked very much like a fresh team, as Jegan (8) had a team best 20 points and grabbing 7 rebounds while Pagaspas (17) also poured in 3 of his 18 points in the first quarter as the “Means” blew out the “Wolves” right from the start, racing to a 13-point lead in the first quarter on the way to a 54 point rout.

Mhel (14) was a true force for the DMCI inside scoring 16 points, pulling a team best 15 boards, 2 assists and 3 steals for the “Means” while his team also dominated their counterpart pulling down 42 boards against 25 for the “Wolves”. DMCI also edged the Figueroa team in assist as they dish out 8 compared to none for the “Wolves”.

Figueroa (13), the bright spot for the “Wolves” connecting on 4 three pointers on his way to team best 16 points. The “Wolves” were the ones hounded by the pesky “Means” as DMCI picked their pocket 11 times compared to only 5 steals for the Figueroa Team.

Box Scores:

DMCI “Means” - 84: Jegan (8) – 20 pts, Pagaspas (17) – 18 pts, Mhel (14) – 16 pts, Ching (5) – 8 pts, Alvaro (6) – 8 pts, Jomel (2) – 6 pts, Jabonete (21) – 4 pts, Thong (3) – 4 pts.

FIGUEROA “Wolves” - 30: Figueroa (13) – 16 pts, Figueroa (17) – 6 pts, Guaves (19) – 4 pts, Figueroa (3) – 2 pts, Cruz (5) – 2 pts.

Quarter Scores: 21-8, 22-2, 23-18, 18-8

Sports Fest News and Updates

July 26, 2011

First Game

The Achievers . . . . With A Vengeance

54 must be a number that The Achievers found hard to forget when they dominated the Grabtech Managers, 81 - 54, and posted their first win against two outings.

It was that kind of night for the Integrated Innovators.

Labao (11) led the “The Achievers” scoring 33 points, Hambre (4) and De Jesus (8) had 24 and 18 points respectively as the Integrated set a season high for points, beating the Grabtech, 81-54 on their Saturday game.

Hambre (4) was relentless and came up with a complete game scoring 24 points, 4 rebound, 9 assists, 4 steals and a block as Intergrated led by as many as 24 points in the first quarter and avenged a 74-54 loss from SOGO All-Stars last July 16.

Grabtech's own "One-Two Punch" consisting of Cerda (22) and Boston (23) cannot stop the surging I.I. Achievers. Boston (23) netted a double-double scoring 14 points and 11 rebounds while Cerda led the team in scoring with 19 points and grabing 7 rebounds. They were, however, edged badly in the assist department as Hambre (4) of Integrated dished a tournament high 9 assists compared to only 2 assist for Grabtech as a team.

Integrated also used their pesky defense in controlling the game resulting to 11 steals compared to 4 for Grabtech. In the second half, Grabtech managed to somehow contain the Achievers, but they still failed to trim the lead down as they scored 31 compared to 35 for Integrated.

Box Scores:

Integrated Innovators “The Achievers” - 81: Labao (11) – 33 pts, Hambre (4) – 24 pts, de Jesus (08) – 10 pts, Lincopines (88) – 6 pts, Fuderanan (09) – 4 pts, Barena (18) – 2 pts, Ita-as (13) – 2 pts.

Grabtech “Managers” - 54: Cerda (22) – 19 pts, Boston (23) – 14 pts, Go (16) – 10 pts, Dumalaon (32) – 7 pts, Bagat (12) – 2 pts, Rodriguez (8) – 2 pts.

Quarter Scores: 30-6; 16-17; 14-9; 21-22.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sports Fest News and Updates - 2011-07-16

July 18, 2011


SOGO All Stars stormed past Integrated Innovators Achievers: 74 – 54
SOGO All Stars once again proved its basketball invincibility in this tournament when they beat Integrated Innovators Achievers in last Saturday's lone game. The Achievers failed to put a mark in the win column on their debut game despite the combined firepower of their 1 – 2 punch, Labao (11) and Hambre (4). All Stars fortified their defense early in the second quarter to dampen the offensive thrust of the Achievers and maintained comfortable lead until the final buzzer. Achievers' Labao tried to reduce the All Stars lead by firing from beyond the arc and converting 5 triples but they fell short in capitalizing on their 21 rebounds when they found the All Stars towering defense too tough to penetrate.
Labao and Hambre combined for 46 points out of the Achievers' total production of 54 points. Their offensive pattern, however, became too tentative and was significantly limited by the All Stars' 6 steals and 5 shot blocks.

Better ball distribution and shot selection complemented the All Stars' defense, winning them their second game convincingly by 20 points.

Box score:
SOGO All Stars: 74 Cruz (24) – 12, Guasis (13) – 10, Cabrera (08) – 9, Morales (21) – 9, Corpuz (11) – 7, Lagajino (17) – 7, Simo (22) – 6, Manuel (03) – 6, Solis (06) – 4, Ilao (00) – 4
Rebounds: 20, Assists: 9, Steals: 6, Blocks: 5, Three-points: 2

Integrated Innovators The Achievers: 54 Labao (11) – 28, Hambre (04) – 18, Linconpines (88) – 7, Fuderanan (09) – 1
Rebounds: 21, Assists: 6, Steals: 3, Blocks: 3, Three-points: 6

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sports Fest News and Updates - 2011-07-09

July 9, 2011

First Game
Romago Thunders flashes pass V. Consunji Beeradors and won by 2 points: 54 – 52

True to its name, Romago Thunders executed lightning fast-break play and sneaked past hot shooting V. Consunji Beeradors. Beeradors maintained the lead for most of the regulation period through prolific shooting from beyond the arc by their designated sniper, De Leon (12), who drilled-in seven treys. However, the persistent Thunders kept coming back and capitalizing through their balanced offense. At the dying seconds of the final canto, Allapa (10) of Thunders caught Beeradors' defense by surprise and sprinted past for the winning basket. Thunders likewise out-rebounded the Beeradors 16 to 10.

Box score:
Romago Thunders: 54 Sazon(32) – 18, Gonzales(14) – 12, Tabios(41) – 10, Lambinicio(16) – 8, Allapa(10) – 5, Vargas(9) – 1.
V. Consunji Beeradors: 52 De Leon(12) – 26, De Leaon(41) – 10, Macabinquil(7) – 6, Hidalgo(10) – 2, Romero(11) – 2, Jalves(3) – 2, Asne(6) – 2, Baria(21) - 2

Second Game
Meinhardt Knight Crawlers out-shined LRPA Masters: 42 - 37 
Last Saturday's second game was indeed reminiscent of the Ateneo vs La Salle rivalry, thrilling fans and supporters of both teams. Despite the Masters' concerted effort and blistering offense, they failed to lord it over the Knight Crawlers and lost by 5 points.  Masters staged a fiery rally in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter, but it was immediately extinguished cold by a 3-point shot courtesy of Rocha(12) of the Knight Crawlers. Although both Crawlers and Masters tied at the rebound department with 12 boards apiece, Meinhardt Knight Crawlers distributed the ball better and topped the LRPA Masters in assists, 6 to 2.  Rocha(12) of Meinhardt led all scorers with 18 points, highlighted by two treys.

Box score:
Meinhardt Knight Crawlers: 42 Rocha(12) – 18, Clemente(3) – 9, Aragoncillo(19) – 8, Escoro(23) – 3, Zarzuela (20) – 2, Ramirez(9) – 2.
LRPA Master: 37 Manlapaz(9) – 11, Agno(47) – 9, Ramilo(15) – 6, Rebito(17) – 5, Nañasca(1) – 4, Mauhay(13) – 2

Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Sports Invitational Badminton and Basketball Schedule

Cross-posting our tournament schedules:

July 9 6:30 - 8:00 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza V. Consunji vs Romago
8:00 - 9:30 PM Meinhardt vs LRPA
July 23 4:00 - 5:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Grabtech vs Integrated
5:30 - 7:00 PM DMCI vs Figueroa
7:00 - 8:30 PM APEC vs Citi Aire
July 29 8:30 - 10:00 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Systech vs NBF
July 30 4:00 - 5:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Wil Decena vs EGI
5:30 - 7:00 PM Ecolab vs Beta Electric
7:00 - 8:30 PM Citi Aire vs Meinhardt
Aug 5 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza NBF vs Thermovar
Aug 6 4:00 - 5:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza TCGI vs EGI
5:30 - 7:00 PM Ecolab vs DMCI
7:00 - 8:30 PM Sogo vs Integrated
Aug 12 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Megawide vs Systech
Aug 13 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Amici vs APEC
2:30 - 4:00 PM Wil Decena vs Sogo
4:00 - 5:30 PM Beta Electric vs JSR
5:30 - 7:00 PM LRPA vs Filinvest
Aug 19 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Thermovar vs V.Consunji
Aug 20 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Integrated vs TCGI
2:30 - 4:00 PM DMCI vs DCCD
4:00 - 5:30 PM Meinhardt vs APEC
5:30 - 7:00 PM Romago vs Systech
Aug 26 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza EGI vs Sogo
Aug 27 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Figueroa vs JSR
2:30 - 4:00 PM Citi Aire vs Filinvest
4:00 - 5:30 PM Megawide vs NBF
5:30 - 7:00 PM Grabtech vs Wil Decena
Sep 2 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Beta Electric vs DCCD
Sep 3 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Amici vs LRPA
2:30 - 4:00 PM Citi Aire vs Filinvest
4:00 - 5:30 PM Megawide vs NBF
5:30 - 7:00 PM Grabtech vs Wil Decena
Sep 9 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Filinvest vs Meinhardt
Sep 10 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Romago vs Megawide
2:30 - 4:00 PM EGI vs Grabtech
4:00 - 5:30 PM JSR vs DMCI
5:30 - 7:00 PM APEC vs LRPA
Sep 16 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza NBF vs V. Consunji
Sep 17 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Sogo vs Grabtech
2:30 - 4:00 PM DMCI vs Beta Electric
4:00 - 5:30 PM Citi Aire vs Amici
5:30 - 7:00 PM Thermovar vs Romago
Sep 24 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Wil Decena vs TCGI
2:30 - 4:00 PM JSR vs Ecolab
4:00 - 5:30 PM LRPA vs Citi Aire
5:30 - 7:00 PM V. Consunji vs Megawide
Oct 1 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Integrated vs EGI
2:30 - 4:00 PM DCCD vs Figueroa
4:00 - 5:30 PM Meinhardt vs Amici
5:30 - 7:00 PM NBF vs Romago
Oct 7 8:00 - 9:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza TCGi vs Grabtech
Oct 8 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza DCCD vs Ecolab
2:30 - 4:00 PM Filinvest vs APEC
4:00 - 5:30 PM Systech vs Thermovar
5:30 - 7:00 PM Beta Electric vs Figueroa
Oct 15 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza A1 vs A4
2:30 - 4:00 PM A2 vs A3
4:00 - 5:30 PM D1 vs D4
5:30 - 7:00 PM D2 vs D3
Oct 22 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza B1 vs B4
2:30 - 4:00 PM B2 vs B3
4:00 - 5:30 PM C1 vs C4
5:30 - 7:00 PM C2 vs C3
Oct 29 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza of (A1vsA4)&(D2vsD3)
2:30 - 4:00 PM of (A2vsA3)&(D1vsD4)
4:00 - 5:30 PM of (B1vsB4)&(C2vsC3)
5:30 - 7:00 PM of (B2vsB3)&(C1vsC4)
Nov 5 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Winners of Game 1 and 2
2:30 - 4:00 PM Winners of Game 3 and 4
Nov 12 1:00 - 2:30 PM HP Pearl, Harrison Plaza Battle for 3rd Place
2:30 - 4:00 PM Championship Game

Date Time Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Venue
Jul 16 5 - 6 PM V. Consunji vs DCCD CitiAire vs Thermovar HP Pearl
6 - 7 PM TCGI vs IIC Meinhardt vs Filinvest
7 - 8 PM JSR vs Sogo Amici vs Beta
Jul 23 5 - 6 PM WDA vs Systech Grabtech vs Beta Sogo vs NG Yumol
6 - 7 PM CitiAire vs Figueroa NBF vs Amici Filinvest vs Mendoza
Jul 30 5 - 6 PM Megawide vs Thermovar Figueroa vs Meinhardt Grabtech vs RSG
6 - 7 PM DCCD vs EGI V. Consunji vs NG Yumol Citiaire vs Mendoza
7 - 8 PM Sogo vs Amici JSR vs NBF TCGI vs Systech
Aug 6 3 - 4 PM Filinvest vs Thermovar WDA vs Megawide Meinhardt vs IIC
4 - 5 PM Figueroa vs Mendoza DCCD vs NG Yumol V. Consunji vs Amici
5 - 6 PM Grabtech vs NBF EGI vs Beta TCGI vs Megawide
6 - 7 PM Filinvest vs WDA
Aug 13 3 - 4 PM Mendoza vs Meinhardt Beta vs RSG DCCD vs Amici
4 - 5 PM V. Consunji vs JSR Grabtech vs Sogo TCGI vs Filinvest
5 - 6 PM NG Yumol vs EGI IIC vs Systech Figueroa vs Thermovar
6 - 7 PM CitiAire vs WDA
Aug 20 3 - 4 PM Meinhardt vs Systech Mendoza vs Thermovar IIC vs Megawide
4 - 5 PM Figueroa vs WDA NG Yumol vs Amici Beta vs NBF
5 - 6 PM V. Consunji vs Grabtech CitiAire vs TCGI DCCD vs JSR
6 - 7 PM EGI vs RSG
Aug 27 3 - 4 PM Thermovar vs Meinhardt RSG vs NBF NG Yumol vs JSR
4 - 5 PM Beta vs Sogo Systech vs Megawide Mendoza vs WDA
5 - 6 PM Figueroa vs TCGI DCCD vs Grabtech IIC vs Filinvest
6 - 7 PM Amici vs EGI
Sep 3 3 - 4 PM Meinhardt vs Megawide Thermovar vs WDA Systech vs Filinvest
4 - 5 PM Amici vs JSR NG Yumol vs Grabtech Beta vs V. Consunji
5 - 6 PM Mendoza vs TCGI IIC vs CitiAire RSG vs Sogo
6 - 7 PM EGI vs NBF
Sep 10 3 - 4 PM NBF vs Sogo Amici vs Grabtech RSG vs V. Consunji
4 - 5 PM WDA vs Meinhardt Megawide vs Filinvest Thermovar vs TCGI
5 - 6 PM Systech vs CitiAire Beta vs DCCD IIC vs Figueroa
6 - 7 PM JSR vs EGI
Sep 17 3 - 4 PM JSR vs Grabtech WDA vs TCGI Megawide vs CitiAire
4 - 5 PM Systech vs Figueroa NBF vs V. Consunji RSG vs DCCD
5 - 6 PM EGI vs Sogo Mendoza vs IIC NG Yumol vs Beta
Sep 24 3 - 4 PM Thermovar vs IIC Sogo vs V. Consunji NBF vs DCCD
4 - 5 PM TCGI vs Meinhardt Filinvest vs CitiAire Megawide vs Figueroa
5 - 6 PM Grabtech vs EGI RSG vs NG Yumol Systech vs Mendoza
Oct 1 3 - 4 PM Meinhardt vs CitiAire Filinvest vs Figueroa WDA vs IIC
4 - 5 PM Amici vs RSG NBF vs NG Yumol JSR vs Beta
5 - 6 PM Megawide vs Mendoza Thermovar vs Systech Sogo vs DCCD
6 - 7 PM EGI vs V. Consunji
Oct 8 3 - 4 PM TBA HP Pearl
4 - 5 PM TBA
5 - 6 PM TBA TBA
6 - 7 PM
7 - 8 PM
Oct 15 3 - 4 PM Game 1 Game 3
4 - 5 PM Game 2 Game 4
5 - 6 PM Game 5 (L1 vs L2) Game 6 (L3 vs L4)
6 - 7 PM Game 7 (W1 vs W2) Game 8 (W3 vs W4)
7 - 8 PM
Oct 22 3 - 4 PM Game 9 (W5 vs L8) Game 10 (W6 vs L7)
4 - 5 PM Game 11 (W7 vs W8) Game 12 (W9 vs W10)
5 - 6 PM Game 13 (W12 vs L 11)
6 - 7 PM Game 14 (W11 vs W13)
7 - 8 PM Game 15*

Friday, July 8, 2011

AMICI - Thermovar Invitational Sports Fest 2011 Opening Ceremony

AMICI Mercantile Inc. and THERMOVAR Pipes opened its Invitational Sports Fest 2011 in July 2, 2011 in the Cuneta Astrodome.  Twenty-seven teams from the construction, engineering and service industry, including the host teams, AMICI and THERMOVAR completed the final list of basketball and badminton teams.

The opening ceremony started with a prayer and the national anthem. This was immediately followed by the Parade Of Teams.  PBA superstars Kenneth Duremdes and Gerard Francisco graced the Opening Ceremony and surprisingly stayed longer than expected, much to the delight of the guests and players.  During the intermission, an acrobatic number by the PLP Pep Squad brought back memories of UAAP and NCAA Opening Ceremonies.

Sexy and “funny” entertainer/comedienne Rufa Mi wowed the crowd with her masterful show hosting and punch lines.  She hosted the Q and A portion for the Best Muse contest and the Blast Cheer Contest.  These drew much laughter and cheers from the crowd.  JSR Pascals Team pulled the biggest surprise of the show, and won the Blast Cheer by a creative “non-entry” cheer (?) of “wala! wala,! wala!” at the bleacher when asked by Rufa if they have prepared their own blast cheer.  Hotel SOGO's Muse (Red Banner) won the Best Muse Award.  AMICI HEATers' player and over-all Games Coordinator Mike Tayo ran the torch for the Traditional Torch Run followed by the traditional Oath of Sportsmanship led by one of the players of Hotel SOGO All Star Team.

The opening basketball games for the afternoon were determined through drawing of lots.  The successful opening ceremony drew admiration and enjoyment from representatives of the participating teams despite “comedy of errors” and miscues.

Sports Fest News and Updates

July 7, 2011

First Game

MEGAWIDE Excellence excelled in a lop-sided victory over THERMOVAR Alley Piperz: 57 – 35.

Host team THERMOVAR Alley Piperz found MEGAWIDE Excellence too hot to handle and trailed from beginning till end of the game.  The Excellence squad poured in points after points from their fluid offensive plays and likewise limited the Piperz' points with tight defense. They (Excellence) apparently dominated THERMOVAR in all departments from points to rebounds.  MEGAWIDE is considered as the “team to watch” in this tournament.

Second Game

Filinvest Dream Makers won over AMICI HEATers in a cliffhanger double overtime: 47 – 45

A “dream match” preview between the FILINVEST Dream Makers and AMICI HEATers spiced up the Opening Games of the AMICI – THERMOVAR Invitational Sports Fest 2011.  The game was indeed a cliffhanger, putting fans, supporters, and spectators at the edge of their seats.  While the first quarter was pretty much even, Amici HEATers got the better of the Dream Makers during the second quarter with excellent defense.  Not giving up, the Dream Makers managed to retake the lead by the end of the 3rd quarter.  The fourth quarter saw several lead changes before a Filinvest run that gave them a six point advantage by the last two minutes of regular time.   Two rare three-pointers by Amici forced overtime and sizzled the crowd.  It looked like a game that would never end, when the game went to a second overtime.  The game ended with two missed free throws by Sir Alex Yao off a foul before the final buzzer that could have forced a rare triple overtime.  Both host teams suffered double “heartaches” at the opening games but vowed to bounce back in their succeeding games.

Third Game

SOGO All Stars imposed offensive might over TCGI Patriots: 56 – 43

TCGI Patriots gallantly put a stand against Hotel SOGO All Stars but found their opponents' offensive might too strong.  Hotel SOGO quintet dominated most of the quarters after trailing in the first quarter. They (All Stars) also out-rebounded the Patriots and fluidly executed offense orchestrated by their heralded playmaker.  All Stars won over Patriots, 56 – 43 at the final buzzer.

Fourth Game

DCCD Hunks buckled under high pressure offense from JSR Pascals and lost by 7 points: 53 – 46.

DCCD Hunks must have felt the “mega – pascals” of pressure defense and offense from JSR Pascals that handed them their first game loss.  JSR Pascals stepped on the gas at the opening of the fourth quarter after they trailed the Hunks for most of the quarters.  They have forced a mark into the "win" column along with MEGAWIDE Excellence, Hotel SOGO All Stars and FILINVEST Dream Makers.  Pascals won by 7 points over the Hunks.

Monday, July 4, 2011


We've started an overhaul of our marketing collaterals this year, starting with our per-division brochures.  This project aims to let our customers get to know our new, exciting products faster, and to reduce costs by obviating the need to give away our 60 peso catalog to each and every customer.

Each brochure is a back-to-back long bond paper, Z-folded.  In the design and selection of our brochures, a foremost issue is the time to market of new products.  The launch windows of the new products are different, with some releasing as late as the 2nd half of 2012.  We will have to manage with a good information campaign to our sales, marketers, and clients.

Our new Water Heating brochure is now live.  Our Water Heater brochure introduces new and upcoming A.O. Smith and Atmor models, particularly A.O. Smith's solar heaters and heat pumps, as well as modern electronic wall-hung heaters.

Our Swimming Pool brochure introduces to the market the Wave Ball wave generators and Badu Jet water treadmills, the energy saving Intellipro VFD pool pump, Sta-Rite's new Intellibrite 5g LED lighting, robotic vacuum cleaners, and alternative systems to chlorine maintenance.  The brochure is already with the printing press, and we're just waiting for delivery.

Our Pumps and Tanks brochure is as of this moment still in the design stage.  It introduces 4 new brands:  Aurora fire pumps, Hydromatic sewage pumps, A.O. Smith pressure tanks, and Pentair chilled water pumps.  With the diversity of pumps that we market, it's been a tough job to prune and fit all the information so that the most important details get in our humble brochure.  This is made more challenging because of the importance of pump performance curves.

Here's an example pump curve for Taco circulators.  This covers 12 models in all.

We must make sure a pump chart such as this will fit and still be clearly visible to our readers. That might mean removing some models.  We're progressing so far over the last couple of weeks.  And hopefully by September, we'll be ready with all our collaterals.  At least, we should have all these by the Philconstruct 2011 exhibit.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost in Translation, Gone to Market

As a company working with many suppliers around the world, we've had our fair share of communication/language issues.  This is most evident when we work with people whose natural language is not English.  (Of course, they probably feel the same way, except that now, we do not know Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, etc.)  Initial site visits to suppliers (especially in China) is a common prerequisite, not just to improve communication, but also to assuage fears and ascertain quality and capability.  The most practical means of communication with global contacts is through emails and chat.  But because of that, body language is lost in translation.  And when we deal with state-of-the-art or very technical products, even computerized translations are hard-pressed to deal with all the myriad jargon in the water product industry.

As we adapt ourselves to the ever-changing market landscape in the Philippines, we have to do market analyses and feasibility studies for new products we wish to bring to the country.  We have to answer the following questions:  1)  Do we understand the product we're selling; 2)  Do we have a market to sell here; 3) Is the market worth it?  4)  What is the time to market?  5)  What about support and warranty, if needed?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sportsfest Update

It's been almost three weeks since the start of our sports fest.  Between the weekly basketball and badminton games, the bowling night I was unable to attend, and chess and table tennis games to come, the current standing are as follows:

Volleyball Winners

Women's: Thermovar
Men's:  Thermovar and Service 1

Basketball Standings
Sales/Admin: 2 - 1
Thermovar: 2 - 1
Service 1 : 1 - 2
Service 2 : 1 - 2

Badminton Standings
Sales/Admin: 1 - 1
Thermovar: 0 - 2
Service 1: 1 - 1
Service 2: 2 - 0

Bowling Rankings (3 games, 12 players)
1.  Thermovar: 3153
2.  Admin & Sales: 3139
3.  Service 2: 2861
4.  Service 1: 2649

Men's Bowling Individual Winners (3 games)
1.  Rey Basa: 396
2.  Greg Amista: 392
3.  Gogo Espinosa: 351

Women's Bowling Individual Winners (3 games)
1.  Lisa Pallarca: 308
2.  Rachelle Corpuz: 280
3.  Mena Guevarra: 268

As usual, people are still prepped for the upcoming games.  Unfortunately, that also means some are getting too diligent with their practice, playing chess games during work time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new HR in the Block

During the previous years in Amici, HR stuff had been wanting a home in our company.  HR was not a single, orderly department, but several functions assigned among many hard-pressed multitasking people.  Payroll was done before by admin, then marketing, then accounting.  IDs and business cards are handled by IT or graphics design.  Record keeping was not done at all till last year.  Job screening and interviews were done by the operations manager.  Government contributions were outsourced to an accounting company.  And our company handbook, with the written code of discipline, was dreamed for so long, but never materializing.

But those are changing fast.  Since last month, we finally have a dedicated HR department.  With Ms Celna on board our team, we have high expectations.  The past couple of weeks, we're already seeing solid policies for review and implementation.  This week, we're back to the drawing board with job analyses.  We're going back to the basics, laying once again foundations to our fast-growing company, not to alienate the traditions, but to augment and let our company spirit rise higher and more strongly.  

It might sound odd to be doing this now, when one considers that we're past 13 years, the average life span of a company.  But really, with all the changes we've gone through, especially the ups and downs of the past two years, we feel young.  It's a brave new world.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sportsfest Opened Early

Our 2011 sportsfest officially opened last March 25 at the Amoranto Sports Center in A. Roces Ave., Quezon City.  The schedule was somewhat unexpected to mainly due to three things.  First, it was held together with our quarterly General Assembly.  Second, that it was held before April.  And lastly, it was a whole day Friday event.

The event started with our 2nd GA of the year.  Unlike our previous one held last January, this one was less workshop and more about recognizing our people and their distinctive achievements during the first quarter.  These include major sales of A.O. Smith's residential and commercial heat pumps, a mall-sized chilled water air conditioning system, wave ball wave generator, swimming pool water treadmill, and diesel-run Aurora fire pump.  The GA was short and, true to management's fears, a little overshadowed by the subsequent sports fest.

The festivities started ala-Olympics with Mr. Gogo Espinosa running around the gym and lighting the torch.  After a brief confusion on what to do with the torch, Gogo lead the oath of sportsmanship.  Then, it was the team and muse parades.  Kelly represented Admin/Sales, and Glodys stood for Thermovar.  Service 1 Team stole Len from the Admin group, while Service 2 had Otep's daughter.

The Thermovar group's fiercely competitive spirit was visible early on, with their classy Adidas yellow and black uniforms.  Admin/Sales displayed a more fun-fun spirit, with their Amici Blue uniforms, along with dorky blue balloon hats and accessories made the previous day.  They even got to share more balloon hats of different colors to the Service teams.

The sports fest games started with two fun games, courtesy of Jheng and Gay.  The first game was a crazily tiring for a fun game.  Five randomly selected players on each team played a sack relay race.  The twist is that instead of switching players on each loop, the players already jumping had to fetch team members one by one.  In effect, the first player had to go round 5 times, and the second player 4 times.

The second game was a best-of-3 eggplant and matchbox game.  An eggplant was tied with a rope on the player's waist to hang so that it didn't touch the floor.  The player's goal was to get the matchbox on the floor to reach a finish line by swinging the eggplant.  Ryan handily won the first round, but Pando squeaked past Ryan the second round.  On the last round, it looked like a close game, until Pando managed to move his matchbox in the opposite direction.

After the fun games, we had women's and men's volleyball game.  The service groups refrained from joining the women's game.  For the women's volleyball, Thermovar handily won the game.  For the men's volleyball, Thermovar won 2 to 1 against the Admin/Sales team.  Between the Service groups, Team 1 got the best of Team 2.

After the volleyball came the much anticipated opening basketball games.  Game 1 was between Service Team 1 and Admin/Sales.  During the first half, it was a close game despite Service Team 1 leading pretty much.  However, the second half became a rally point for the Admin/Sales from which Service Team 1 just never recovered.  Admin/Sales concentrated on tighter defense in the paint and on the point guard, which lead to steals, turnovers, better defensive rebounds, lots of fast breaks, and ultimately a blow out.

Game 2 was a fierce battle between Thermovar and Service Team 2.  While Service Team 2 had the tallest players around, Thermovar had avid fans of NBA, which translated to high basketball IQ.  The highly competitive Thermovar also had the loudest cheerers.  (That had its own disadvantage: it made third parties cheer for the unsupported underdogs.)  For most of the game, Service Team 2 struggled without a point guard.  Thermovar, on the other hand, played consistently throughout the game. 

The fourth quarter proved a different story.  Service Team 2 gained momentum early fourth quarter to close in on the game and made for a tense last-2-minute seesaw game, and overtime.  During overtime, Service Team 2 gained fresh legs when a personnel returned just in time from a service job.  They went on to finally notch the back-from-behind win.

Admin/Sales: 1 - 0
Thermovar: 0 - 1
Service 1: 0 - 1
Service 2: 1 - 0

After basketball, Ms. Celna from HR announced the winners for best muse and costume.  Glodys of Thermovar was the best muse, while the Admin/Sales team won best costume.

It was a whole day event.  The first shots have been fired.  We got back to our office at 5:30pm.  But people are already looking forward to the succeeding games.