Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moved In!

Finally, for what felt like a long time, we've moved in to our new office!  It's still the same location, right by the precarious intersection of Mayon and M. Cuenco, where a Florida bus once hit the corner of our humble store, by the border between Quezon City and Manila.  But with a new paint, wiring and cables, new tables and chairs and partitions, and a much more sensible arrangement for employees, our office felt imbued with a breath of new life. 

Right now, it's not yet a 100% done, mission accomplish project.  There are still the oddities from our office's previous iterations like the uncovered section of the aircon's vent as well as the out-of-place legacy PBX hopelessly visible and the unchanged long haul cabling up and about the office and nearby departments.  There are still undefined or temporary locations for telecom and printing equipments.  And people places will still be changing with time.  We still have lots of ideas to improve.  This may be a relatively short term fix for capacity stress.  But fixing we will do.  For us right now, we can accept and embrace the changes moving forward.  And we like it like that.