Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shoes To Fill, Hats To Wear

Our young, resident graphic designer and marketing manager, Ms. Lorraine Cheung, has now officially left Amici Land for pastures a bit less blue.  With her departure, she has left a large void in our midst, not just because of her multidimensional duties and versatility but also her unforgettable and inspiring presence.

Through her short but significant career in Amici, M'am Lorr has shown excellent multitasking talent, versatility and discipline, and a much desired OC predilection sorely lacking in our otherwise chaotic office.  These are valuable traits in a small business as we are that we will surely miss.  Her leaving has left extra-large shoes to fill and a colorful array of hats to wear.  She has held her own managing company events, retail sales, office sales, accounts receivable, doing HR and SEC stuff, while doubling as backup to invoicing and collection.  She was also responsible for our graphic and print designs including our catalogs, brochures and other paraphernalia, exhibit and store booths, signage and modules, for making IDs and calling cards, posting cute birthday lists, and even ordering and distributing company shirts.

Despite her already tremendous help in our operations, she may be most missed because of her sunny personality and character.  She has brought color, warmth, and lots of cuteness in Amici Land, the little things she bring with her that inspire in others smiles and optimism.  She has also played the guidance counselor to a number of people here.  It is with our sense of pride and love in her that we cooked up a surprise farewell party especially customized for her last week.  It's our way of saying "Thank You" to her.

We thank her for her much valued contributions to our company.  We believe in her exemplary abilities and wish her the best of luck as she pursue her promising designing career.  We look forward to working again with her in the future for design requirements.