Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new HR in the Block

During the previous years in Amici, HR stuff had been wanting a home in our company.  HR was not a single, orderly department, but several functions assigned among many hard-pressed multitasking people.  Payroll was done before by admin, then marketing, then accounting.  IDs and business cards are handled by IT or graphics design.  Record keeping was not done at all till last year.  Job screening and interviews were done by the operations manager.  Government contributions were outsourced to an accounting company.  And our company handbook, with the written code of discipline, was dreamed for so long, but never materializing.

But those are changing fast.  Since last month, we finally have a dedicated HR department.  With Ms Celna on board our team, we have high expectations.  The past couple of weeks, we're already seeing solid policies for review and implementation.  This week, we're back to the drawing board with job analyses.  We're going back to the basics, laying once again foundations to our fast-growing company, not to alienate the traditions, but to augment and let our company spirit rise higher and more strongly.  

It might sound odd to be doing this now, when one considers that we're past 13 years, the average life span of a company.  But really, with all the changes we've gone through, especially the ups and downs of the past two years, we feel young.  It's a brave new world.

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