Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Store Front

With another new year, I thought it unforgivable that our store front hasn't changed much over the years.  Our original store name from 1997 had been effectively erased by a bus accident.  Now, it's even covered by the guard house.  Some effort had been put in 1999, although virtually only "Water Systems" is visible from the street.

Last year, I put a Sta-Rite tarp on the left of the store.  I was elated to get an inquiry on pool products a few weeks after.  (These things have effects after all.)  Towards October I also added an Aermotor poster.  And then we temporarily moved office as we started renovations.  Unfortunately, after the renovations finished, I couldn't find the Sta-Rite tarp anymore. 

2010 ended and a new year began.  We stopped a bit to focus on our primary work.  And pretty much no effort was being made any more on our store front.

While a good store front might be a secondary priority for a company like us, since we are primarily a wholesaler, not taking advantage of our front might be remiss of marketing savvy.

We are located at Mayon St. (or Avenue, according to PLDT), and it's not a small street at all.  It's a commercial street, though new developments have only started the past few years.  We are two blocks away from Suki Market, we're near the local church and baranggay hall, and SM's Sun Residences is rising at the South end of Mayon.

So, to me, that we would not do even simple steps to increase our marketing presence is a loss of opportunity.  So what did I do?  I brought an unused plastic holder back to life and filled it with excess fliers and brochures.  I hung a big A.O. Smith tarp by our window -- it still needs ironing though.  I rummaged a "farmland" beside our store, and found a ready-to-be-thrown Atmor sign from our retail days.  I taped it at the window in a not-so-nice way.  I saw the Aermotor banner hanging by the guard house, but it looked too drab now so I decided against it.  Instead, I'd been eyeing two more tarps from our exhibits.  They looked nice and green and could work effectively to accentuate our sky blue office.  All these hacks weren't so hard.

Next one should be a nicer store sign.  Hmmm, we could even use our underwater lights to put on a colorful show.  Not.  Well, at least a store sign with big nice letters.  And then, afterwards?  Perhaps our service vans and motor bikes...

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