Monday, October 18, 2010

Walk-In and Phone-Order Sales

Early this year, we started diligently classifying sales whether they're sales booked by agent, ordered through phone, or walk-in sales.  We have a lot more sale types like "project" and "key" but we haven't yet discussed the "proper" classification of sales.

I primarily requested due diligence in proper sales classification to measurably monitor an aspect of customer satisfaction.  Since we have stocks at two different locations -- our in-store "walk-in"cache of popular goods and our 15-to-20-minute-away warehouse, I wanted to know how often do we make our walk-in customers wait a long time for their orders to arrive.

How do we know if a sale should be a walk-in sale?  The question seems simple enough.  But there are some aspects that need clarification.  An unannounced customer literally walking-in on our store is obviously a walk-in sale.  But what do we do about customers we got to talk on the phone or email?  For these "announced" customers, if their order is vague or unclear during previous dialog, we still categorize them as walk-in sales.  But if their order is known before their arrival, we consider that as phone-order booking.

It is still a question if we should even segregate walk-in sales from phone-order bookings.  Phone-order bookings have a propensity to be changed upon customer arrival.  Based on our records, phone-order bookings and walk-in sales constitute less than 2% of our sales.  That is still substantial however, and surprising for our humble office with hardly space to accommodate waiting customers.

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