Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Basketball Round 5

Last Friday was round 5 of Amici's basketball tournament for 2010.  I don't actually know how many rounds this goes, though with only four teams, there shouldn't be any kind of playoff.  Nevertheless, the standings are definitely showing some obvious match-ups:

Admin 4-1
Sales 1-4
Service 4-1
Thermovar 1-4

Last Friday's Game 1 between Service and Sales was not an obvious runaway win for the Service team.  For most of the game, Service was able to hang to a lead against Sales.  Sales however was able to lead the game a number of times or at least stay close for the rest of the game.  Sales put a lot of effort in defense, regrouping every time a breakdown occurred, at the expense of their timeouts.  The last few minutes of the game gave Sales a 3-point lead that, combined with the seeming consistent game play Sales was showing the last quarter, seemed to guarantee an upset victory for the Sales.  Celebration however was too early then, as Service was able to capitalize on offensive lapses that broke the tempo, and gave the Service the comeback win.

Game 2 however was a rout for the Admin team.  Despite a first half double digit lead by the Thermovar team, the Admin team regrouped with consistent and effective defense to gain the lead and the momentum for the rest of the game.

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