Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Basketball Round 1

Last year, Amici Sportsfest  2009 was abruptly postponed due to the Ondoy flooding.  While there were plans for chess, badminton, bowling, basketball, and mayhaps table tennis, we only managed to play Bowling.  (Ironically, the winner then was the Laguna team, which has since been dissolved and reorganized due to strategic reasons.)  Among many of us however are sports lovers who can't let the big let down hold us back forever.  And so, we're back to our 2nd set of games, basketball.

We had our first round of basketball last Friday.  Game 1 was Thermovar vs Amici Sales, while Game 2 was Service vs Admin.  I arrived late for the event while playing chauffeur  for my sister because our regular driver was on time for basketball and missing from overtime work.  Luckily, I just got there in time for the 2nd game with the Admin team.

There aren't a lot of guys in our Admin department, so the basketball tournament organizer, our service head manager, managed to stack our deck a little.  Service managers belong to the Admin group.  It's arguably fair, what with the Service team packed with big guys and a big bench.  The Sales team, however, have it against them, because a number of their players are really first time players. 

I didn't play a lot of minutes -- I managed to get 2 fouls, 1 assist, 0 out of 1 field goal attempts, and perhaps a rebound or two. There wasn't much seesaw in the scores.  It was an exciting game nonetheless.  For the first quarter, Service team was mostly leading by five points or so.  From the 2nd quarter onwards, our Admin team was leading.  Admin's lead had ballooned to almost 10 during the 3rd quarter.  But late during the 4th quarter, Service has managed to trim their deficit to two points.  The last minute was tense, but a turnover by the Service team that time sealed the win for us.

Tomorrow marks the 2nd round of basketball.  Game 1 will be Admin versus Thermovar, and game 2 will be between Service and Sales.  Stay tuned for more sports update.

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