Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Party

Last Saturday, we held our arguably greatest yet Christmas party.  I hesitate to call it greatest because it was but our fourth.  From here on, like those press releases of events and achievements from more sophisticated companies, we might start calling every little latest the greatest of all.

It wasn't a fat budget that made it the greatest.  I would surmise on a per head ratio, we spent much less than last year.  This despite us renting a playground this year.

Perhaps, it's more that this year has been filled with so many challenges, us in our growing adolescent age as a company, feeling each and every pain, from capacity problems to unprofitable channels, from government assisted corruption to terrifying acts of God, and to everyday challenges sometimes subsisting in chores to trying to do better.  And with all that, we're ending this year with such a remarkable Christmas celebration.

First of all, it's a costume party.  I'll have to say it's the first time I went to a costume party wearing a costume.  It helped that I didn't have to spend for the costume.  ^^

Then, we had a departmental contest.  My team could have done much better, but for the lack of leadership, planning, and time management.  That may sound incredulous, given that as I belong to the admin team, our department is supposed to foster those same on this event we announced our lack of.

The exchange gift program brought many to panic over finding time to make their purchases.  Still almost everyone participated in this simple take on sharing.

The food could have been much better, if only there were more selective palates to plan ahead.  But we shouldn't complain too much on blessings.

The games were fun.  Maybe.  I unfortunately wasn't able to join the games.  But us spectators had our fun and laughter along with the winners and losers of the game.

Lastly, we had a grander raffle prize selection this year, courtesy of generous suppliers and vendors.  It's actually the first time our company solicited raffle prizes from our suppliers.  Before, despite receiving barrages of sponsorship requests from different companies year after year, we refrained from asking for sponsorship.  But we've been trying things out differently this year.  It's after all a season of sharing, and we are always grateful for the smallest things that our suppliers may offer.

It's been a great Christmas party.  Most importantly, I think that this year's have put much more emphasis on the spirit of Christmas, of sharing.  We give gifts of myriad sizes to our loved ones and friends and company.  We also receive from people, companies, partners who may care for us enough.  We share our talents and perform for laughs or enjoyment.  We share our time, in or between meals, or in doing things together.  For the blessings we receive, and the joy we give, we are grateful. To the Amicis, our friends, thank you.